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Short-Term Plans

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Temporary Coverage for Central Texas

Our short-term PPO plans can help you out during in-between times when you're temporarily uninsured. You can choose individual, family, or child-only coverage for up to 3 months.


Please note: Our short-term policies are only available in the Central Texas region. View Details


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Short-Term 80

Temporary coverage with a higher deductible in exchange for low premiums

Short-Term 80 Premier

Temporary coverage with higher premiums in exchange for lower deductibles and prescription benefits

Short term Plans

Standard Plans Short-Term 80 Short-Term 80 Premier

Coverage Summary

In-Network Deductible (Individual/Family)







Out-of-Network Deductible (Individual/Family)

3x in-network deductible

3x in-network deductible


20% in-network

50% out-of-network

20% in-network

50% out-of-network

Coinsurance Maximum (Individual/Family)

$5,000/$10,000 in-network

$15,000/$30,000 out-of-network

$2,000/$4,000 in-network

$6,000/$12,000 out-of-network

Out-of-Pocket Maximum

The deductible and coinsurance maximum make up the Out-of-Pocket Maximum. It does not include Rx out-of-pocket and copayments for Non-Preferred Specialty Pharmacy drugs.

Office Visits In-Network

Visits 1-3: $30

Visits 4+: 20% after deductible

$30 primary

$50 specialist

Office Visits Out-of-Network

50% after deductible

50% after deductible

Urgent Care

20% after in-network deductible

$75 copay

Emergency Room

20% after in-network deductible

$250 copay

then 20% after in-network deductible

Standard Lab & X-ray

20% after deductible (in-network)

50% after deductible (out-of-network)

20% after deductible (in-network)

50% after deductible (out-of-network)

Inpatient & Outpatient Hospitalization

20% after deductible (in network)

50% after deductible (out-of-network)

20% after deductible (in-network)

50% after deductible (out-of-network)

Prescription Coverage at an In-Network Pharmacy

Not covered

$200 deductible per person

$10 preferred generic no deductible

$30 preferred brand after deductible

$50 non-preferred brand after deductible

$1,000 per person drug benefit period maximum

Prescription Coverage at an Out-of-Network Pharmacy

Not covered

50% after major medical deductible


Choose short-term healthcare if you are

  • Between jobs
  • Waiting for employer benefits to start
  • Seeking an affordable alternative to COBRA
  • An early retiree waiting for Medicare benefits to begin
  • A temporary or seasonal employee
  • A recent graduate, or are no longer covered under a parent’s insurance plan


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