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SWHP Marketplace Announcement

Frequently Asked Questions

SWHP Marketplace Questions

  • How do I get more information about enrolling in another plan?

    For 2017 Marketplace plan questions, please visit In 2017, Scott & White Health Plan will no longer offer individual and family plans through the health insurance Marketplace. If you would like broker assistance in selecting a new Marketplace plan, call your local agent, or representatives from GoHealth are available to assist you at 866-427-3017.

  • What has been announced?

    Effective in 2017, we will exit the federal health care Marketplace and refine our off-Marketplace plans to reflect the changing market. Scott and White Health Plan (SWHP) will continue to offer selected bronze off-Marketplace HMO individual and family plans, and the Insurance Company of Scott and White (ICSW) will offer selected bronze off-Marketplace PPO plans. Gold, silver and selected bronze benefit plans will no longer be available through SWHP or ICSW. Additional details on plan offerings will be available during Open Enrollment.

  • Why will Scott and White Health Plan no longer offer its individual and family plans on the federal health care Marketplace?

    At Scott and White Health Plan, we are committed to supporting the Affordable Care Act by offering affordable medical insurance to consumers in North and Central Texas. However, the market for our individual Marketplace plans carries higher risk than other plans, Like many other health insurers, we have determined that we cannot currently serve Marketplace plans on an effective and financially sustainable basis.Exiting the federal health care Marketplace and refining our off-Marketplace plans is the most effective way for us to uphold our commitment to offering affordable plans that are complemented by a renowned network of Baylor Scott and White Health facilities, clinics and physicians.

  • What happens if I’m currently enrolled in a plan from the Marketplace?

    During 2017 open enrollment, you will be able to sign up for any available Marketplace or off-Marketplace plan that suits your needs.

  • Will I still be able to see my doctor if I enroll in one of the off-Marketplace individual and family plans?

    To see if your doctor is in our bronze HMO or PPO, check our provider search tool at Select HMO Network–Individual/Family or PPO Network–Individual/Family from the “Select a Network” dropdown list.

  • If I enroll in another plan, will my costs increase?

    As with any Open Enrollment period, premium or out-of-pocket costs could increase or decrease, depending on which plan/coverage level you select.

  • Will I still receive a subsidy if I enroll in an off-Marketplace plan?

    No; subsidies are only available for qualifying members who purchase plans through the health insurance Marketplace.

  • What is the timeline for enrolling in a new plan?

    You will be able to select your health care plan for 2017 during Open Enrollment, which runs from November 1, 2016, through January 31, 2017. During Open Enrollment, you can enroll directly (off-Marketplace) in one of our individual and family plans, or enroll in another insurance carrier’s plan through the federal health care Marketplace. If you do not enroll in a health plan by January 31, 2017, your options for health coverage in the coming year may be limited.

  • Is Scott and White Health Plan making other changes to its plans?

    In today’s health care environment, we are always looking for opportunities to more effectively serve our members by providing affordable access to high-quality care. We will keep you up-to-date on additional opportunities that may directly affect your health coverage.