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Account Reconciliation

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A mistake was made — let’s reconcile

Even when claims are properly documented, there’s always the chance of error. We work hard to identify and resolve accounting issues so correct payments can be made.

Retractions & Recoupments

Retractions and recoupments are made for various reasons, including:

  • Duplicate payment on a procedure
  • Incorrect payment on a procedure
  • Payment to the wrong provider

To make a retraction or a recoupment, you’ll need to file an appeal.

Returned Checks

If you return a Scott and White Health Plan check for an adjustment, attach the following documents:

  • An explanation for the adjustment
  • A copy of the EOP
  • Copies of prior payments
  • Any other documentation explaining the payment discrepancy

Send returned or misdirected (sent to the wrong payee) checks to:

Scott and White Health Plan
Attn: Voids and Refunds ‐ Claims
1206 West Campus Drive
Temple, TX

Refund Checks

For all SWHP member claims, providers should send refund checks to reimburse money owed to Scott and White Health Plan to:

Scott and White Health Plan
Attn: Claims Department
PO Box 840523
Dallas, TX 75284-0523