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Pharmacy Services

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Pharmacy Services

Our mission is to assist prescribers and you in selecting cost-effective drug therapies and providing the highest quality medications to our Scott and White Health Plan patients. To accomplish this goal, an extensive collaborative effort between pharmacy and the medical staff is required.

SWHP Prescription Drug Lists

Here you can find medication prior authorization criteria. You can also find forms for medicines that require prior authorization.

Prior Authorization Criteria and Medication Request Forms

View Prescription Drug List

Pharmacy Locations

Find network pharmacies by using the Provider Directory and Pharmacy Locator.

For information regarding Baylor Scott & White Pharmacies, visit Baylor Scott & White Pharmacies online to refill prescriptions, transfer pharmacies and find medication information.

Medicare Plan Pharmacy Locations

Medicaid Plan Pharmacy Locations

Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training

CMS requires all Medicare Advantage – Prescription Drug Plan participating providers to complete Fraud, Waste and Abuse training every year. In order to assist our providers in complying with this requirement, we offer an online training program for our providers.

Learn more about Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training