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Employees Returning to the Workplace?

Bringing employees back to the office requires preparation, flexibility, and reinvention. Were here to help. Click here for a free Work Safe resource guide.

Looking for a better plan?

To make healthcare Better, you need a Better plan. Now is the perfect time to make sure your employee health plan combines the cost savings and predictability you need, and the convenience and access to care your employees deserve.



Scott and White Health Plan works closely with Baylor Scott & White Health to make healthcare what it should be and to reimagine the future of employee benefits programs.


Baylor Scott & White Preferred is a high-performance, team-based, accountable care model that optimizes financial and health rewards, incentivizes doctors to improve healthcare quality and efficiencies, and makes providers responsible for managing a patient's medical condition by directing treatment and all who deliver it. The result? Lower medical costs, fewer hospital admissions, and higher quality care.

Our Direct Primary Care solution, the first of its kind in North Texas, empowers employees to take control of their own health journey. This plan grants your employees access to a customized network of providers for a low monthly membership fee that covers everything from office visits to basic lab tests.

How it works:

  • Employers and consultants customize the provider network based on the unique needs of the employee population and plan design. The BSW Preferred network is a great fit for the Direct Primary Care model.

  • Employers pay an ASO fee and a fixed fee per member per month.

  • Employees select physicians for themselves and their family members with full transparency into pricing and services.

  • Physicians in the network receive regular, consolidated monthly payments based on patient membership.

Click here for D Magazine's story about Baylor Scott & White's Direct Primary Care solution.

These models, in addition to our standard HMO, PPO, Point-of-Service, and High-Deductible plans, give you plenty of options when deciding what best meets the needs of you and your team.



You and your employees have undoubtedly grown accustomed to the rise of digital offerings across most industries. It's more convenient, more cost-effective, and it offers a more personalized experience.

That's why we're bringing it to the healthcare industry through MyBSWHealth. Using the app or our online portal, your employees can access both their healthcare and health insurance information. They'll even have the ability to schedule telehealth visits, view lab results and medical records, and even manage prescriptions all in one place.

Plus, by partnering with Baylor Scott & White Health, we're able to offer a robust network of over 12,000 physicians and 115 hospitals throughout 140 North, Central, and West Texas counties.



All of our plans share the same goal: the health and wellbeing of your workforce. And when your workforce is healthy, your overall medical costs go down.

With Baylor Scott & White Preferred, your providers are held accountable for and are motivated to maintain your employees' health. This leads to more preventive care and less emergency room admissions and unexpected costs.

Similarly, the fixed monthly membership fee allows your employees to better predict and plan for monthly healthcare costs. Plus, by letting you tailor the provider network to your team's size and specific needs, we help you maintain a low monthly fee without sacrificing the valuable benefits that your employees deserve.



Our health advocates provide an additional level of member assistance, beyond customer service, to help your employees understand their benefits and options for care. By giving our members this extra support, we're able to not only lead them toward compassionate care solutions, but also guide them toward cost-efficient options that reduce redundancy and manage costs.


Interested in making healthcare better for your company and your employees?



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